Thermally Conductive PSA Tapes

HALA is partner of ARROWHEAD (US) in Europe.  

Together with our experts and partners in thermal management we realize reliable durable PSA adhesive solutions in construction and connection technology such as in LED substrates, IMS - and circuit boards, processors, heat sources in connection with heat sinks. This makes unnecessary costly conventional mechanical fasteners, screws, clamps, springs and assembly processes. 

ARROWHEAD is developer, manufacturer, processor of PSA tapes. Large and small coating units and the processing by punching and rotation dance processes at ARROWHEAD and HALA ensures maximum flexibility for customer-specific production of prototypes, small series and large series deliveries. 

ARROWHEAD's PSA tapes come in two types: dielectric (>2 kV AC) and electrically grounding. Different heat conductive fillers provide for thermal conductivity of 0.8 to 2.2 W/mK. 

ARROWHEAD PSA’s are available in a thickness range from 0.12 to 0.25 mm.

By varying the base adhesives, the materials exhibit different shear and peel off strengths, initial tack as well as hardness, and conformabilities.  

Please contact us as partner of ARROWHEAD in Europe.