Two Phase Heat Spreaders

Through its US engineering headquarter and Taiwan design & production facility Celsia specializes in custom heat sinks using liquid two-phase devices. It excels in applications where high heat flux, space constraints, and harsh environments require purpose built yet cost effective thermal solutions.

Effective Heat Spreading

Affordable, thin and bendable two-phase heat spreaders designed to provide a cost comparable yet thermally superior alternative to existing technologies. As thin as 1.5 mm and less with length and width dimensions as large as of 300 mm x 100 mm. Almost limitless design options and outstanding heat spreading capability make these devices ideal for one or more heat sources up to 500 W/cm2 and those applications where the heat sink must effectively work against gravity.  

Design Flexibility

Design flexibility, unmatched power handling, and the ease with which they can be integrated into hybrid designs make Celsia two-phase solutions the most versatile device option. Product shapes, wick characteristics, wall thickness, working fluid, case metal, and fin structure are tuned for each application in order to meet tough thermal performance and packaging requirements.   


Together with Celsia we design-in and supply cooling solutions tailor-made for your application. Two to four week fulfillment times for design modeling, rapid prototyping based on our engineering consultancy and CFD simulation and short-term delivered production orders.   

Please contact us as partner of Celsia in Europe.