Dr. Breier Consulting

CFD Simulation

Cooling should be considered as early as possible in the development process instead of trying to implement the heat transfer somewhere at the very end, because in general thermal redesigns are very expensive and time-consuming, especially when they affect the overall dimensions or the design of the equipment.

The "CFD Simulation" aims at fluid mechanical and thermodynamical transport mechanisms and is already applicable to predict the potential failure occurance and the change of functionality over time (e.g. LED applications).

All distributions inside the fluid are taken into account (pressure, pressure drop, flow vectors, flow rate, fluid temperatures) as well as in solids (temperatures, heat conduction, heat sources) with the related heat transfer effects from the surfaces to the fluid (local heat transfer coefficients), between solid surfaces (contact resistances, heat radiation) and heat radiation exchange between ambient and system (surrounding walls, solar radiation).

In application systems thermal interfaces are optimized by the use of thermal interface materials. Within the thermal simulation these components are taken into consideration by compact models with dependencies on crucial influences such as pressure, compression, heat spreading and other mechanical impacts.

With the CFD simulation realized by our partner Dr. Breier Consulting we support all development phases with system-level analysis of all heat transfer effects and hence offer the possibility of thermal optimization down to the component level - before any prototype is available. With benefits to: Minimizing Time-to-Market, rapid upgrades, quick failure mode analysis.

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