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TFO-T-SI Silikonfolie glasfaserverstärkt

TFO-T-SI is a high performance electrically insulating thermally conductive silicone foil for an optimised thermal coupling between electronic packages and heat sinks. Through the specific formulation and filling with highly thermally conductive ceramic particles a very high thermal conductivity is reached. Its conformal surface structure guarantees a very good compliance to the contact surfaces. Thus the total thermal resistance is minimised. The fibreglass reinforcement provides for an outstanding mechanic stability and cutthrough resistance as well as easy handling. For an easy and reliable preassembly the interface material is available with low tack pressure sensitive adhesive on one side.


  • Thermal conductivity: 4.1 W/mK
  • High surface compliance
  • Excellent thermal contact
  • Outstanding mechanic stability through fibreglass reinforcement
  • Extraordinary chemical resistance and longterm stability
  • Residue-free removal after use


  • Sheet 440 x 510 mm
  • Non tacky
  • Tacky on one side
  • Die cut parts
  • Kiss cut parts on sheet


Thermal link of:

  • MOSFETs or IGBTs
  • Power diodes or AC/DC converters
  • Power modules

For use in Switch mode power supplies / Motor control units / Automotive engine management systems / UPS units / Solar systems


MaterialSilikon mit KeramikfüllungSilikon mit KeramikfüllungSilikon mit KeramikfüllungSilikon mit Keramikfüllung
Dickemm0,20±0,050,30±0,050,45±0,050,80+0,20 / -0,05
EntflammbarkeitUL 94VOVOVOVO
RoHS Konformität2015 / 863 / EUJaJaJaJa
Widerstand2 @ 1 MPa°C-inch²/W0,160,210,240,36
Widerstand2 @ 200 kPa°C-inch²/W0,390,470,530,74
Thermische LeitfähigkeitW/mK4,14,14,14,1
Betriebstemperaturbereich°C- 50 bis + 200- 50 bis + 200- 50 bis + 200- 50 bis + 200
Durchschlagsspannung3kV AC3,06,59,0> 10
DurchgangswiderstandOhm - cm1,9 x 10152,4 x 10153,3 x 10154,1 x 1015
Dielektrizitätskonstante@ 1 MHz3,63,63,63,6