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TPC-P-KA Poyimid Film Phase Change beschichtet

TPC-P-KA is a thermally conductive film with an electrically insulator made of Kapton®MT which is coated with a thermally conductive phase changing compound on both sides thus optimising the thermal path e.g. between electronic packages and heat sinks. During warm-up the phase change coating starts filling up surface-specific roughnesses and unevenesses and expels any air enclosures from micro structures even at low pressure. The wettening of the contact areas is further on improved by volumetric material expansion of approximately 10 to 15% at increasing temperature. Thus the total thermal resistance is minimised. The material is characterised by its very high dielectric properties.


  • Optimal thermal contact
  • High dielectric strength
  • Silicone-free
  • No dry up, pump-out migration
  • No run-out through thixotropic properties
  • Process reliable coating thickness
  • Ideal replacement of messy thermal grease


  • Sheet 305 x 394 / 610 x 394 mm
  • Roll 394 mm x 152 m
  • Non tacky (TPC-PXXX-KA)
  • Tacky on one side with PSA
  • With adhesive strips on request
  • Thicker phase coating (25 μm)
  • Die cut parts
  • Kiss cut parts


Thermal link of:

  • MOSFETs or IGBTs
  • Diodes
  • A.C. converter
  • Uninsulated power modules

For use in Automotive motor control units / Power supplies / Traction drives / Telecom appliances


MaterialKapton® MT mit Phase- Change BeschichtungKapton® MT mit Phase- Change BeschichtungKapton® MT mit Phase- Change Beschichtung
Dicke Kapton® MTμm25±451±877±12
Dicke Wachsbeschichtung (je Seite)μm131313
Entflammbarkeit Kapton® MTUL 94V0V0V0
RoHS Konformität2015 / 863 / EUJaJaJa
Widerstand2 @ 1 MPa°C-inch²/W0.1100.1950.285
Widerstand2 @ 200 kPa°C-inch²/W0.1130.2000.290
Widerstand2 @ 70 kPa°C-inch²/W0.1250.2130.300
Thermische Leitfähigkeit Kapton® MTW/mK0.450.450.45
Phase-Change Temperatur°Cca. 60ca. 60ca. 60
Durchschlagsspannung3kV AC5.59.212.3
DurchgangswiderstandOhm - cm1.0 x 10141.0 x 10141.0 x 1014
Dielektrizitätskonstante@ 1 MHz4.24.24.2