Soft and flexible thermally conductive gap fillers minimize thermal resistances between electronic parts and heat sinks, such as heat plates or housings. Through their compressibility and excellent compliance they fill gaps caused by tolerances, different stack up heights or different expansion coefficients entirely and on a long-term basis. Being elastic, these materials exert permanent pressure against the contact surfaces, thus optimizing the thermal coupling in the millimeter range and at very low pressures. The required pressure depends on the specific elasto-plastic behavior of each material. The natural self tackiness makes them suitable for easy pre-assembly. After use the materials can be removed without residues.

Dispensable 2-part gap fillers compensate extreme tolerances and spaces at non-coplanar systems without exerting pressure. Their thixotropic behaviour allows for a definite placement and cure-in-place.

Two-part potting gels and plastically deformable gap fillers help to fill gaps and tolerance spaces without permanent pressure. Their natural adhesiveness effectively allows for a stable thermal contact to all interfacing surfaces. These gap fillers are based on silicone. Plastic gap fillers are available as dispensable paste or as sheets.

Properties and advantages in brief:

  • Extremely soft and compliable
  • Thermal conductivities up to 14 W/mk
  • Thermal resistances of less than 0.2°C-inch²/W
  • Thickness range of 0.5 mm up to 10 mm
  • Operation at low or zero pressures
  • Residue-free removal after use
  • Shock absorbing
  • Easy mounting through natural self tackiness


Available as:

  • Sheet
  • Roll for some types
  • Die cut parts
  • Kiss cut parts
  • Mechanic reinforcement for some types
  • Dispensable for some types
  • Silicone-freeness for some types
  • Two-part potting gels

Some application examples:

Thermal link of:

  • CPU and ASICS to cooling plates
  • Flip Chips, DSPs, BGAs, PPGAs
  • SMD-packages to housings
  • Through-hole vias to aluminum housings
  • Electronic parts to heat pipes
  • RDRAMs memory modules to cooling plates
  • CD-ROM drive control units to housings
  • Capacitors to aluminum lids
  • Temperature sensors

For use in:

  • Embedded PCB's
  • Automotive engine control units
  • Laptops
  • Telecom engineering
  • Medicine engineering
  • Industial PC
  • Heat meters

For further information please see our material-specific data sheets.

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