Thermally conductive foils made of silicone achieve an excellent thermal transfer between electronic packages and heat sinks. Being based on silicone, a long-term stability is ensured. Their respective thermal conductivity depends on filling degrees of particular thermally conductive powders or compositions thereof, as well as on their respective geometry and own thermal conductivity. Together with the property both to comply with the contact surfaces and to be compressible under pressure, the total thermal resistance is minimized. At the same time a permanent electrical insulation is assured.

The product line is complemented by thermally conductive caps and tubes for an electrical all-around insulation.

Properties and advantages in brief:

  • Material thicknesses of 0.08 up to 0.8 mm
  • Thermal conductivities up to 6 W/mK
  • Thermal resistances less than 0.1°C-inch²/W
  • High mechanic stability
  • Reinforcement by glass fiber laminates
  • Residue-free removal after use

Available as:

  • Sheet or roll
  • Kiss cut parts
  • Die cut parts
  • With or without adhesiveness
  • As thermally conductive caps or tubes

Some application examples:

Thermal link of:

  • MOSFETs or IGBTs to cooling plates
  • Power diodes or AC/DC converters to heat sinks
  • Power modules to heat pipes

For use in:

  • Switch mode power supplies
  • Motor control units
  • Automotive engine management systems
  • Industrial PCs
  • Inverters
  • USP units

For further information please see our material-specific data sheets.

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