More inhouse production for China

The development of our Chinese branch in Suzhou is progressing.

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News China

Gap-Filler Pads in The Third Dimension

Thanks to a new process, we can now adapt some of our gap-filler pads precisely to thickness requirements in three dimensions.

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3D Gap-Filler von Hala

Thermal insulation films – the new generation

In many power electronics applications, the challenge is to find a synthesis between thermal resistance and reliable dielectric insulation.

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Isolationsfolien von Hala

New in the range

2-part potting gels with and without silicone

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What drives us at HALA?

That’s what makes us proud at HALA. That's what drives us.

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What drives us at HALA?

On course for growth in every aspect

"He who always does what he can already do, will always remain what he already is", Henry Ford once pointed out. His saying describes very well the development of HALA in recent years. After all, our organic growth of 20 percent alone in 2020 is based on the consistent expansion of our product and service portfolio.

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Even faster to the optimal thermal management solution

At HALA, the focus is on you as a customer: that's why we offer detailed advice as professionals, that's why we stand by you as a development partner – and that's why we have now expanded our product search.

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HALA vs Corona

Heat Pipe Assemblies and Interface Materials Improve Life Support Devices

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Hala gegen Corona

Join for free: Webinar on Thermal Interface Materials with HALA’s Managing Director

“Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) Driving the heat out of the process”

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Dr. Wilhelm Pohl

Optimal Thermal Management:
With individually combinable Heat Pipe Modules

In notebooks, surveillance systems, in airplanes, LED lamps, cameras and medical equipment, heat pipes are widely used and often an essential component of thermal management.

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5G network expansion increases demand for Thermal Management

5G is currently on everyone's lips as the mobile communications standard of the future. After all, it promises internet speeds up to 100 times faster than the previous 4G standard (also known as LTE) – and this on a large scale.

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5G Ausbau

HALA receives IATF certification again

No other certification is as important in the automotive industry as that of the International Automotive Task Force, or IATF for short.

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IATF Zertifikat 2021

The new Hala catalogue

Potting gels or silicone-free gap fillers: New content for our catalogue

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New catalogue 2021

Why thermal conductive Gap Fillers are essential for electric cars

For e-mobility to be successful, efficient Thermal Management is essential.

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Total Thermal Management

The big picture

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Thermal Management

How we manage to realize every customer request

Experienced employees are essential in order to meet customer requirements. Of course, at Hala we rely on qualified employees with years of experience. But that’s only half the battle – the machines used for production also play a major role.

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Hala Produktion

Dispensing Gap Fillers

Precise positioning for large tolerances and gaps

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Gap Filler

Our expert for complex needs

Our philosophy is very simple: You bring us the tasks and ideas – we execute them.

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Team Hala Contec

Our silicone-free gap fillers

Free of precipitation and extremely elastic

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silicone-free gap fillers

CFD simulation

Thermal optimization before the first prototypes

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CFD Simulation

Thermal management requires experience

HALA created a treasure of more than 100 years' experience.

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Hala Contec

Heat Pipes

Learn about how our Heat Pipes work.

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Heatpipes Funktion

Hala Contec Suzhou

Suzhou – our new base for tailor-made solutions in thermal management

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The new catalogue

Product variety, services and competence compactly bundled

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Product Catalogue 2020

IATF 16949

Certified quality for the automotive branch

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intertek Zertifikat

Leave Thermal Management to the Professionals

Our goal: To solve thermal problems in electronic components optimally, i.e. in a high-quality and economical way.

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Hala Contec Termisches Management