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TAT-N-AC is a thermally conductive electrically insulating acrylate PSA transfer tape. Through the thermally conductive adhesive the thermal contact is highly improved even at low pressures. Convex and concave surface structures and stack up tolerances are effectively compensated. Materials with different expansion coefficients can easily be bonded. Thus the total thermal resistance is minimised. The tape works well for realizing an effective and cost efficient thermal coupling in a broad field of applications. Above all it is used in applications having little space only and where the permitted weight is limited. Using screws, springs, clips as mechanic fasteners thus becomes superfluous. Its wide thickness range allows the use as gap filler.


  • Low thermal resistance
  • Thermal conductivity: 1.0 W/mK
  • Use as gap filler due to wide thickness range
  • Reliable strong adherence on uneven or hardly machineable surfaces
  • Silicone-free
  • Neither mixing of components nor curing processes
  • Replacement of fasteners e.g. screws, clips, etc.


  • Sheet (on request)
  • Roll (on request)
  • Die cut parts
  • Kiss cut parts on sheet


Thermal link of:

  • LEDs
  • CPUs
  • RDRAM memory modules
  • Flip Chips, DSPs, BGAs, PPGAs
  • MOSFETs to heat sinks

For use in Power supplies / PCs / Telecom engineering / Automotive applications / LED arrays


Material Ceramic filled acrylate PSA adhesiveCeramic filled acrylate PSA adhesiveCeramic filled acrylate PSA adhesive
Tape Thicknessmm0.250.501.0
Linear Thicknessmm0.150.150.15
Tensile Strengthn/cm1.472.947.85
Peel Off StrengthN/2,5 cm303030
Overlap Shear Strengthpsi0.340.340.44
UL Flammability (Equivalent)UL 94V0V0V0
RoHS Conformity2011 / 65 / EUYesYesYes
Resistance3 @ 60 PSI @ Thickness°C-inch²/W (mm)0.55 (0.22)1.03 (0.46)1.87 (0.89)
Resistance3 @ 30 PSI @ Thickness°C-inch²/W (mm)0.56 (0.23)1.04 (0.48)1.96 (0.94)
Resistance3 @ 10 PSI @ Thickness°C-inch²/W (mm)0.57 (0.24)1.05 (0.,49)2.05 (0.96)
Thermal ConductivityW/mK0.8³ / 1.0^40.8³ / 1.0^40.8³ / 1.0^4
Operating Temperature Range°C-25 to + 130-25 to + 130-25 to + 130
Breakdown VoltagekV AC2.6 kV > 5.0 kV> 5.0 kV
Dielectric StrengthkV (DC) / mm171717