Reliable strong adherence on uneven or hardly machineable surfaces

No need of mechanic fasteners e.g. screws, springs, clips

Very good pre-assembly

No migration – compared to thermal greases

Neither mixing of components nor curing processes

Solvent-free and resistant

No impurities

Reliably constant thickness


Thermally conductive adhesive PSA films work well for realizing an easy effective and cost-efficient thermal link of electrically insulated electronic packages to heat sinks. Above all they are used in applications having little space only and where their permitted weight is very limited. Through the thermally conductive adhesive the thermal contact is highly improved, thus minimizing the total resistance. Convex and concave surface structures stack up tolerances can widely be compensated by the use of these materials. Materials with different expansion coefficients can easily be bonded, thus giving a reliable thermal link. Using screws, springs, clips as mechanic fasteners, thus becomes superfluous.


  • Acrylate or silicone
  • Sheet or roll
  • Kiss cut parts on roll
  • Die cut parts on roll
  • Bulk die cut parts