HALA supplies 2 Phase Modules of two basic configurations:
Heat Pipes and planar Vapor Chambers (VC).

Tubular or flattened heat pipes within heat pipe assemblies work highly efficiently as heat transfer medium or heat spreader.

Bigger flattened heat pipes und sintered two shelf assemblies are called Vapor Chambers (VC) which are used as heat spreaders.

Copper/water heat pipes are designed to survive numerous freeze/thaw cycles without any degradation. They operate in the temperature range of 20 up to 150°C (and over).


  • Outer diameter: From 2.0 mm up to and over 50 mm
  • Internal structures: sintered, mesh, groove or hybrid (sintered-groove)
  • Cross section geometry: round, rectangular, flattened
  • Flatnesses down to 0.4 mm
  • Length: up to 70 cm
  • Geometry: straight or multiple bends
  • Bonding of heat pipes to the assembly: soldering, press fit, epoxy
  • Heat pipe surface coating: nickel or tin plated


  • Tubular Heat Pipes
  • Flattend Heat Pipes
  • Wärmespreizung
  • Wärmetransfer
  • Vapor Chamber
  • Heat Column