Gap Filler Silikon

Silicone (SI) or Low Volatile Siloxane (LV) without lack impairment

Gap Filling with low or ~0 mechanic stress

Thermal conductivities up to 20 W/mK

Optimised thermal resistance

Thickness from 0.2 to 10 mm

Highly elastic and surface compliant

Custom shapes


Thermally conductive gap fillers minimize thermal resistances between electronic parts and heat sinks, such as heat plates or housings. Through their excellent compliance they fill gaps caused by tolerances, different stack up heights or different expansion coefficients entirely and on a long-term basis.

The natural self-tackiness makes them suitable for easy pre-assembly.

Dispensable 2-part gap fillers compensate extreme tolerances and spaces at non-coplanar systems without exerting pressure. Their thixotropic behavior allows for a definite placement and cure-in-place.

Non elastic, plastic gap fillers allow for realizing a thermal contact over big gaps and tolerances at almost zero pressure.


  • Material thicknesses up to 10 mm
  • From sheet as die cut or kiss cut parts
  • Mechanic reinforcement for some types
  • 2 part dispensable from cartridges or pails
  • Low volatile siloxane types (LV)